2nd Baldock Scouts Exec Checklist

There are a number of Tasks for new Executive Members

  1. Chair – Ensure new member has been given link to support pack to learn about their new role
  2. Chair – Advice Group Admin of new member so they can check if Scout DBS in place or one is needed
  3. Chair – Advice Office 365 Admin to create e-mail account and share ‘Office 365 Getting Started Guide’ (to be created)
  4. Chair – Advice new member about compass, updating contact details and communication preferences
  5. Chair – Share Organisation Chart of Leaders and Exec so they know who is who
  6. Chair – Add new member to WhatsApp Group
  7. Chair – Ensure added to invite list for exec
  8. Chair – At first Exec – decide if they need to be added to Bank Accounts
  9. Group Training Advisor – ensure new member aware of training and update compass on completion

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