Recycle Football

Overview of Activity

Put those old single use plastic bags to use. For many young people across the globe, entertainment is not found in the latest Xbox game. It is found in using their creativity to create games—like making a football by using only twine and shopping bags!

Equipment Needed

  • 5 plastic shopping bags
  • String, yarn or twine


  1. Scrunch four bags into a ball, and place the then into another bag.
  2. Close the bag.
  3. Wrap the handles of the bag around the wad and tie the ends.
  4. Wrap the yarn or twine around the ball and tie the ends.
  5. You are now ready for a game of football!


Risk Assessment

Leader in charge: Ed

Hazard Identified/ Risks
from it?
Who is at
How are risks already controlled?
What extra controls are needed?
Low Impact injury – Risk of
knocking/striking body part
on piece of furniture or
other person
AllEnsure there is enough space to do the activity by moving any furniture and making other
people aware of what you are about to do.
StrangulationAllAvoid using items at a height that could easily get caught around the neck. Consider using items that have a breakaway feature or a low snapping point under tension.