One Eyed Egyptians

Overview of Activity

On Sunday morning we will cook breakfast together on a zoom call, this will be on the stove.

Equipment Needed

  • A thick slice of bread
  • An egg
  • Spray oil
  • Frying pan
  • Spoon
  • Metal spatula
  • Knife
  • Cookie cutter


  1. Using the cookie cutter cut out the centre of your bread
  2. Heat the pan on the fire with a little oil
  3. Fry the bread turning it over
  4. Add the egg to the centre and cook
  5. Once cooked plate up and enjoy!


Risk Assessment

Leader in charge: Chris

Hazard Identified/ Risks
from it?
Who is at
How are risks already controlled?
What extra controls are needed?
Burns – Fire & oilAllDon’t wear flammable clothing.
Have a fire bucket on hand in case you do burn yourself.
Don’t wear scarves, ties, lanyards or any loose clothing or jewellery and tie back long hair to
prevent from going in the fire.
Don’t leave the fire or pan with oil unattended.
Burns – Oven & HobAllWear Oven gloves.
Open oven fully when placing items in or removing items.
Food allergiesAllBe careful of food allergies.
Food poisoningAllEnsure hands are clean.
Ensure surfaces are clean.
Ensure utensils are clean.
Heat sources, burns from
mistakes or misuse.
AllAdults should supervise young people when they are using hot items (such as glue guns,
soldering irons, and irons).
Use heat sources in a defined area to restrict access.
An adult should brief young people on using the heat sources safely before they use them.
Knife work, risk of slips and
AllKnow knife law and safety before you begin.
At the end of the session, collect and safely store any tools you’ve used.
Have suitable, safe storage.
Start with a small knife (such as a Swiss Army Knife) and complete small tasks. Build up to
a larger blade as you become more confident and dexterous.
Rough wood / Wooden
Items?//Risk of splinters or
blisters from handling
AllTell people to take care when cutting or snapping wood.
Wear strong gloves if you have them, bear in mind that gloves may affect your grip.
Sharp items, Injuries from
mistakes or misuse.
AllAdult to supervise young people when they’re using sharp items.
Brief young people on using the sharp item safely before they use it.