Seed Planting

Overview of Activity

A chance to get back to nature and grow your own Salad Leaves

Equipment Needed

  • Cup
  • Soil
  • Seeds
  • Coloured Pens
  • A Little Water
  • In time a bigger pot!


  1. Open the Brown Bag Carefully as the soil is loose
  2. Take out the Paper or Polystyrene Cup
  3. Decorate the cup as you wish
  4. Take out the seed packet and put it on one side
  5. Empty the compost into the cup
  6. Shake the seed packet to try to get the seeds to the bottom
  7. Open seed packet carefully and empty seed on to a small plate
  8. Scatter seeds over the top of the soil
  9. Lightly cover seeds with soil
  10. Add a very small amount of water to keep damp
    • As there is no holes in the cup you do not want to over water
  11. Place on windowsill
  12. Polystyrene cups – if leaves become too big you will need to transplant them to another pot
  13. Paper cups – They are compostable, so will start to degrade, so you will need to transplant them to another pot

Risk Assessment

Leader in charge: Graeme

Hazard Identified/ Risks from it? Who is at
How are risks already controlled? What extra controls are needed?
Dirt/Mud Contamination All Ensure hands are washed thoroughly when an activity has caused them to get muddy or
dirty. Avoid touching face with dirty hands. Clean mud or dirt off items before using them.

Leader in charge: Ed