Pizza in a Mug

Overview of Activity

We will be doing this activity together on camp for Saturday Lunchtime, if you can not join us feel free to do at another time.

Equipment Needed

1 tablespoon of Plain Flour
2 tablespoon of Self Raising Flour
Pinch of Salt
2 teaspoons of olive oil
2 tablespoon of Milk
2 tablespoon of Tomato Puree
Handful of Cheese (Mozerella, Cheddar etc.)
Optional – Toppings – (must be pre-cooked) Salami, Sweetcorn, Ham etc.


  1. To the mug add Plain Flour, Self-Raising Flour, Pinch of Salt, Olive Oil, Milk
  2. Mix it all together until well mixed in and makes a dough like mixture
  3. Spread evenly in base of mug
  4. Spread Over Tomato Puree
  5. Sprink over Cheese
  6. Add Toppings
  7. Enusre any spoons removed and place in microwave for a minute.
  8. Eat – give in a minute to cool down and eat.


Risk Assessment

Leader in charge: Ed

Hazard Identified/ Risks
from it?
Who is at
How are risks already controlled?
What extra controls are needed?
Burns – Fire & oilAllDon’t wear flammable clothing.
Have a fire bucket on hand in case you do burn yourself.
Don’t wear scarves, ties, lanyards or any loose clothing or jewellery and tie back long hair to
prevent from going in the fire.
Don’t leave the fire or pan with oil unattended.
Food allergiesAllBe careful of food allergies.
Food poisoningAllEnsure hands are clean.
Ensure surfaces are clean.
Ensure utensils are clean.
Heat sources, burns from
mistakes or misuse.
AllAdults should supervise young people when they are using hot items or microwaves.
Use heat sources in a defined area to restrict access.
An adult should brief young people on using the heat sources safely before they use them.
Sharp items, Injuries from
mistakes or misuse.
AllAdult to supervise young people when they’re using sharp items.
Brief young people on using the sharp item safely before they use it.