2nd Baldock Grants and Subsidies Policy

‘2nd Baldock Trustees believe that cost should not be a barrier to anyone taking part in scouting and if this is an issue you can speak to your section leader or contact one of the trustees.’  


2nd Baldock Scout Group wishes to be fully inclusive and believes that this includes enabling young people of all financial backgrounds to have the opportunity to participate in all events organised by the Group when possible. We will achieve this by planning activities that we believe are reasonable in cost and affordable for the vast majority of families eligible for the activity. At times we may also plan fundraising specifically for a particular trip or activity to ensure that the cost requested of all families is reasonable. We appreciate that with the best of efforts, there may still be families in particular circumstances that are not able to afford the full cost of an activity at a particular time. The families of members in this situation are encouraged to speak to the Section Leader in strict confidence so that the Group may consider giving financial support.  

What we may help to Fund for an individual member 

  • Uniform 
  • Membership fees and subscriptions (a new form will be required Annually) 
  • The cost of trips, camps and activities organised or promoted by 2nd Baldock Scout Group 

The Process 

If you feel your own financial circumstances may prevent your young person participating fully in Scouting, please discuss the situation with their Section Leaders in the first instance. 

The Section Leader, after discussion with the Group Treasurer, may discuss a payment plan which will enable the child to participate fully or suggest a fundraising activity that could be completed.  

Additionally, they may suggest that a confidential application form be completed to request financial support from the Group. The completed form should be returned to the Section Leader who will discuss the circumstances with the Group Lead Volunteer (GLV) and the Group Treasurer. It is the GLV and Treasurer who will make the final decision on the level of financial support provided. 

When completing the form to request support, please have a clear idea of what you require, for example what are the total costs, how much you are able to contribute yourself and how much you are asking for whether this is a particular percentage of the cost, longer payment terms or full support. 

Unfortunately, as a group, we are not always able to provide the required funds, as we rely on fundraising. We actively encourage all young people and families to participate in fundraising so we can provide equipment and funding. 

Please complete this form as fully and as early as possible for each request.